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Save Thousands a Year with DPL's Restart

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The Restart pays for itself plus nearly 6 years of wireless data within the first year. Unlike RMS reboot options, the Restart can remotely reboot connected devices (ATMs, vending machines, kiosks, smart safes, etc.) even if their operating system is frozen. In one-year, the savings achieved by having a Restart installed with your Hercules cellular router covers the hardware costs plus six-years of wireless data.

DPL customers with a Restart on a single connected device use it an average of 8 to 10 times per year, saving them up to $1,000 in dispatch fees. The savings realized in the first year, cover the cost of the Hercules wireless modem and nearly six-years of wireless data. Across a fleet of 100 ATMs over five-years, the savings could reach nearly half a million dollars.

Hercules AI

Save even more time and money by enabling DPL's Hercules AI on each of your connected devices. Hercules AI reduces downtime by Auto Healing common errors and streamlining operations to improve efficiency.

Mike Bokel of Eagle ATM Services in Tucson Arizona recently installed one of DPL's Restarts at an ATM location over 150 miles away from their headquarters. This ATM, along with others began freezing periodically after a firmware update. Not long after Mike installed the Restart, the ATM froze and he was able to remotely reboot it, saving him a 300 mile round trip. Mike was so thrilled he called just to tell us all about it.

Learn more about the Restart and Hercules AI by calling 1-800-561-8880 or emailing sales@dplwireless.com.

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