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Save $1,000 a Year with the ATM Restart

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The ATM Restart pays for itself plus nearly 6 years of wireless data within the first year. Unlike RMS, the ATM Restart can remotely reboot an ATM even if its operating system is frozen. In one-year, the savings achieved by having an ATM Restart and Hercules wireless modem covers the cost of both pieces of hardware plus six-years of wireless data.

DPL customers with an ATM Restart on a single ATM use it an average of 8 to 10 times per year, saving them up to $1,000 in dispatch fees. The savings realized in the first year, cover the cost of the Hercules wireless modem and nearly six-years of wireless data. Across a fleet of 100 ATMs over five-years, the savings could reach nearly half a million dollars.

DPL customer Mike Bokel of Eagle ATM Services in Tucson Arizona recently installed an ATM Restart at a location over 150 miles away from their headquarters. This ATM, along with others began freezing periodically after a firmware update. Not long after Mike installed the ATM Restart, the terminal froze and he was able to remotely reboot it, saving him a 300 mile round trip. Mike was so thrilled he called just to tell us all about it.

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