No Rules. Just Results.

DPL is driven by a clear narrative: "No Rules. Just Results." Putting that into practice means that we don't settle for doing things the way everybody else does. We're not about the cookie-cutter, assembly line, one-size-fits-all mentality. We're on a constant crusade of discovery for better and simpler ways of doing things. The status quo is our enemy.





Founded in 1974, DPL has a long history of solving problems and delivering hardware devices of unparalleled quality. Used by the largest 911 call centers in America, and telcos across North America, our legacy telecom products are still in use up to 30 years after their original design. DPL continues this spirit of innovation and excellence in its modern telemetry and communication products.

DPL helps protect and provide communications for over 40,000 assets in North America between its two main markets; (1) ATM connectivity and security, and (2) industrial vehicle tracking.

Problem solving is in our DNA

Our senior management team includes a software, network, and electronics engineer - enabling us to create custom solutions to real world problems.

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Marc Albert

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John Gorham

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Brian Steeves



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John Williston

Sales Manager
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Ryan Pickerill

Sales Consultant


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Brian McEwen

Support Analyst
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Chris Wyatt

Support Analyst
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Patrick Paradis

Support Analyst
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Delroy Christie

Support Analyst
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Nick Rushton

Support Analyst
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Brad Fairweather

Support Analyst


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Gena Ferris

Accounts Receivable
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Janice Kelly

Accounts Payable


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Will MacEachern

Finance & Admin Manager
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Jon Jewett

Marketing Manager
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Simcha Attis

Senior Infrastructure Administrator
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Justin Lee

Level 2 Support
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Natalie Gomez

Marketing Specialist
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Justin Boyd

Production Coordinator
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Danny Tremblay

Production Technician
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Chris Moore

Production Technician
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Mary Hewitt

Production Technician
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RJ Forbes

Lead Architect
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Benoit Essiambre

Senior Developer
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