Hercules Shield

Wireless and Security in One

Built-in Intrusion Detection and Theft Recovery

The Hercules Shield is a 4G LTE CAT-4, dual carrier (including 2 SIMs), dual Ethernet, high throughput modem with built-in security and GPS tracking capability, ideal for applications requiring faster speeds and higher throughput such as bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), interactive teller machines (ITMs), kiosks, and digital signage. The Hercules Shield's dual SIM/carrier feature makes it ideal for fringe areas and high volume locations requiring high network availability or redundancy. Its two Ethernet ports allow it to provide multi-service support for auxiliary devices such as video toppers, or it can be configured for WAN Failover. 

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Physical Security Features

The Hercules Shield alerts you of GPS movement, tilting, power disruptions, and door open events via text and email. Supplemental I/O ports can integrate with auxiliary devices such as sirens, providing the ability to trigger audible alarms to scare off would be thieves in the event of an attack.  

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I recovered two ATMs plus $25,000 in vault cash thanks to DPL – and on top of that, the police caught and prosecuted the guys who were responsible.
Darryl Staal
Kida ATM Services

GPS Tracking

The Hercules Shield transmits its GPS position in real-time and its built-in battery enables it to continue transmitting its location for up to 7 days after being disconnected from its power source.

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NTrapTM Ethernet Ports

Physical Tampering Detection

The Hercules Shield features DPL’s proprietary NTrap Ethernet ports which can detect Ethernet tampering even if power to the connected device is disconnected. The Shield also features DPL's standard, built-in logical security features - link loss detection, MAC and IP address change detection. 

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Hercules Portal

Track your assets GPS position in real-time from the security tab of the Hercules Portal. Share the forensic view with local law enforcement to help catch crooks and recover stolen assets. View alarms for tilting and vibration, power interruptions, and door open events and configure text and email alerts.

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Stop Thefts with DPL's Siren

Working in conjunction with the Hercules Shield, the Siren features an extremely loud audible alarm designed to deter tampering and stop thefts.


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Your New Virtual Assistant

Hercules AI minimizes downtime by auto healing common errors and streamlining operations to improve efficiency.

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DPL's Network Architecture

DPL's unique network architecture is where the magic happens and is what enables Hercules routers to outperform the competition.
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RMS Minus the Cost And Complexity 

Level the playing field with an all-in-one portfolio management platform.

Gain the edge you need to succeed with RMS for your entire fleet - regardless of manufacturer or wireless device. Included with every Hercules modem and setup in minutes.

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Wireless and Beyond

How much value can the Hercules platform add to your business?

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Pair the Hercules Shield with DPL’s Restart accessory and unlock the ability to remotely reboot connected devices from the Hercules Portal. Unlike RMS reboot options, the Restart allows you to reboot connected devices even if their operating system is frozen.

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Power Guard

Combine the Hercules Shield with DPL’s Power Guard accessory and be able to disconnect power to the bill dispensing unit in the event of a jackpotting attack. The Power Guard also allows you control power to up to 3 additional devices such as video toppers or heaters.

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Tired of crappy wireless at your BTMs?

Get consistent, reliable connectivity with the Hercules wireless platform.

DPL Hercules Shield and Hercules Duo are ideal for fringe areas and high volume locations requiring high network availability and redundancy.

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Hercules Options


Payment Options

Hassle-Free, Month-to-Month Contracts

We’re proud to offer customers a number of flexible payment options and methods.

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