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Hercules Hercules Duo Hercules Shield Hercules Open Platform




Modem Type
Don't buy generic IoT modems for your ATMs. Trust the ATM connectivity experts by buying the only purpose built ATM modem on the market.
Purpose Built
Purpose Built
Purpose Built
Up to 10 Mbps download speeds and up to 5 Mbps upload speeds. Ideal for low data usage applications such as ATMs, vending machines, and wireless laundry facilities.
Up to 150 Mbps download speeds and up to 50 Mbps upload speeds. Ideal for high data usage applications such as bitcoin ATMs and digital signage, or choose CAT4 to keep all your options open for the future.
RMS Features Included
ATM Remote Management Software (RMS), provided by each of the ATM hardware manufacturers, allows you to save time and money by limiting the number of visits you need to make to your ATMs. DPL has built basic RMS features into it's Hercules platform.
Hercules AI
Minimizes ATM downtime by automatically fixing many common PIN pad, bill dispenser, card reader and software related issues.
Dual-Carrier Redundancy (including 2 SIMs)
Hercules is known for providing connectivity under the harshest conditions. Now you get that best-in-class connectivity on 2 carriers! Choose your preferred carrier and the Hercules will use it until there is an issue at which point it will quickly failover to the other carrier. Truly the best of both worlds.
WAN Failover
When zero downtime is a must get business continuity by setting up wired to wireless failover or wireless to wired failover.
24/7/365 Live Agent Support
Tired of waiting on hold? Tired of leaving messages with 3rd party services? Tired of shouting into the abyss? At DPL our support team is available by phone 7/24/365. Why wait? Talk to an expert any time of the day or night.
24/7/365 Network Monitoring
Network Operation Center (NOC) provides incident management support, graphs over 30,000 system metrics, over 4,000 custom metrics and alarms on over 600 service availability checks. DPL usually knows that processor or wireless provider has a problem before they do.... we are the canary in the coalmine.
Ethernet Ports (RJ-45)
Keep your options open by getting a modem with 2 Ethernet ports. Whether you want to do WAN failover, or just to plug in a video topper, having 2 Ethernet ports is better than 1!
Dial-up Ports (RJ-11)
Still using a dial-up ATM with a phone line? We have you covered. Breath new life into that old clunker with a Hercules+ modem.
0 or 1
Rugged Metal Case
Die cast aluminum case can withstand the harshest handling. Built for rough and tumble technicians who value getting things done.
5 Year Warranty
With industry leading warranty return rate of 0.3%, you won't need to use the warranty. But, rest easy knowing we have your back.
ATM Specific Features
ATM Journal Viewer
View ATM journals from anywhere with this RMS feature built into the Hercules portal.
ATM Rebooting
Reboot your ATM from anywhere with this RMS feature built into the Hercules portal.
Easy Reports for Reg-E or Trace Requests
Easily create reports from ATM journals, and submit them to your ISO or processor to resolve disputes.
Cash Level Reporting, and Forecasting
Easy and intuitive graphing of cash trends per ATM. Additionally, DPL's proprietary algorithm predicts and alerts on low cash levels before your ATM runs out of cash.
ATM Service Status
No more guessing whether your ATM is in service or not. This RMS feature built into the Hercules portal gives you the ATM's live status.
ATM Error Reporting and Alerting
With or without RMS enabled at your ATM, you can get error codes in realtime as transactions flow through DPL's data centers.
No Overage Guarantee
Unlimited ATM Transactions included. (services like video toppers, firmware updates, etc could result in overage)
Terminal ID Auto Detection
Even with TLS enabled at the ATM!
Proprietary Communication Protocol (built for ATMs)
Specifically tuned for ATM transactions over cellular networks. Developed by DPL, this is the secret sauce that results in Hercules outperforming other modems in head-to-head comparisons by up to 9x!
Store & Forward Architecture
Poor cellular coverage... no problem! DPL's exclusive protocols and "store and forward" architecture give you the best chance of success in fringe areas.
Payment Processor Smart Routing
Leverage DPL's networking expertise to avoid failed transactions. DPL has multiple connections into all the major processors allowing us to smartly re-route transactions to avoid processor outages.
Security Features
Enterprise grade VPN technology protects all communication between Hercules and DPL's data centers. Don't rely on TLS alone!
TLS Transaction Compatible
Security can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Want to enable TLS at the ATM? We have guides that step you through the process and we curate certificate files for you to load on your ATMs. Security made simple with the help of DPL.
GPS Tracking
Thefts happen. Track your ATM in realtime using GPS in the Hercules portal. Easily share the live tracking with law enforcement.
WiFi Location
Locate your ATM even indoors or in other locations where GPS struggles.
Ethernet Tampering Detection
Proprietary NTrap Ethernet ports allow detection of Ethernet tampering even if the ATM is powered off. Exclusive to the Shield this capability is not found in any other networking product in the world.... we couldn't find a solution that worked, so we built it ourselves!
IP Address Change Detection
Detects and alerts of IP address changes, an early sign of logical attacks.
MAC Address Change Detection
Detects and alerts of MAC address changes, an early sign of logical attacks.
Ethernet Link Loss Detection
Detects and alerts for loss of connection to ATM, an early sign of logical attacks.
Internal Battery
The battery allows the Shield to send GPS locations or other security alerts for up to 7 days after being stolen (disconnected from power).
Vibration Sensor
Detects and alerts you of tilting and/or vibration.
Door Sensors
Detects and alerts you of door open events. Also provides an audit trail for when technicians or cash loaders visit each ATM. No more guessing if your guy did the work or not!
Power Loss Detection
Backup battery power supply enables detection and notification of power interruptions whether those are caused by someone accidentally unplugging the ATM or a thief getting ready to mount an attack.
General Features
Protector GPS Accessory Compatible
Intrusion detection and theft recovery accessory with GPS tracking and alerts for tilting/vibration, power cuts, and door open events.
Power Guard Accessory Compatible
Accessory that enables the ability to control power to the bill dispensing unit in the event of a jackpotting attempt and up to three additional devices (ATM, video topper, heater, etc).
Restart Accessory Compatible
Accessory that enables remote hard reboot of ATMs... even if OS is frozen!
Supports Coinsquare, GivePay, and LibertyX N/A
Multiple Carrier Options
US: Verizon and AT&T. Canada: Bell, Telus, and Rogers. International: Options depend on country (contact DPL for more information).
Multiple Payment Processor Options
Supports All Major Processors. US processors: 1stISO, ASAI, Cardtronics, Columbus Data Services (CDS), Digital Network Solutions (DNS), EFX, PAI (FIS), Switch Commerce, and Universal Money. Canadian processors: DirectCash, Global Processing (GPCC), Online-Data, TNS, and Cashwave.

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