Reboot Devices from Anywhere

Ideal for remote locations, the Restart accessory works in conjunction with Hercules modems and allows you to remotely reboot devices experiencing issues, saving you thousands in tech dispatch and travel costs. Unlike traditional RMS reboot options, the Restart allows you to remotely reboot devices even if their operating system is frozen. Installed in minutes, the Restart saves DPL customers an average of $1,000/year/device, covering the combined hardware purchase costs and over 5 years of wireless data/service fees. Installing a Restart on 100 devices could generate up to $500,000 in savings in just 5 years!

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Hercules Portal

Any time a device is experiencing issues in the field and simply needs to be rebooted, just log in to the Hercules portal and send the restart command. Within seconds, power to the device is temporarily cut forcing it to power down. Moments later, power is automatically restored, allowing the device to power back up and return to proper working order. Rebooting devices is just one of the many actions that can be performed remotely from the Hercules Portal.

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