Wireless Kiosks

Reliable Wireless + Remote Reboot

DPL’s 4G LTE Hercules modems are available in a range of options to support any type of kiosk application, from interactive way-finding kiosks, to advertising displays, Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs), and ordering kiosks.


Remote Reboot

The Hercules’ optional Restart accessory enables you to remotely reboot kiosks even if their operating system is frozen.

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Standard Features

Known for their reliability, Hercules modems are backed by a 5 year warranty, 24/7/365 support and network monitoring, and DPL’s Hercules Portal allows you to effortlessly monitor and manage kiosks from anywhere. Hercules modems support multiple carriers and payment processors, and offer unlimited transactions with zero overages.

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Hercules Dual Ethernet with Hercules Logo