DPL History

A History of Innovation

DPL sets the standard for managed wireless service providers in the ATM industry. DPL’s long history of constant innovation has allowed them to remain an industry leader for nearly two-decades and has made them a fan favorite among ATM operators.

2003 - Dial to Cellular

DPL introduced the 2G ATM 300, one of the first transaction capable, dial to cellular converters, designed specifically for use in ATMs. The ATM 300’s built-in intrusion detection features, made possible in-part by its internal battery, were the first of their kind. The ATM 300 could detect and alert ATM owners by email and SMS text message, of power disconnects, tilting, and door open events through DPL’s custom physical sensors. The ATM 300 also featured a built-in power relay which enabled ATM operators to remotely restart ATMs to resolve errors and return ATMs to “in service”. This innovation has helped ATM operators save countless hours and reduce costs related to unnecessary travel and tech dispatches. 


2006 - Two-Way Dial

DPL launched the 2G ATM 400, the first cellular modem to offer full two-way dial for ATMs. This innovation enabled operators to remotely configure and update ATMs via RMS, saving them time and money by reducing unnecessary travel and tech dispatches.

DPL Two Way Call

2007 - Dial to Ethernet

DPL introduced the ATM 600, a dial to Ethernet converter which enabled dial-up ATMs to connect to the location’s local area network (LAN). This helped operators reduce costs by eliminating the need for a dedicated phone line or cellular costs to support the ATM. 

DPL Dial to Ethernet

2011 - Dial and IP Support

DPL introduced the (3G or CDMA/1X) ATM 500, which offered support for both dial and IP ATMs. This innovation enabled ATM operators to take advantage of faster, IP based transaction times, helping improve the customer experience for end users.


2016 - Customer Portal

DPL was one of the first managed wireless service providers to offer operators a customer portal designed specifically for remote ATM portfolio monitoring and management. A unique feature at the time, the portal can display ATM terminal IDs even with TLS enabled. This is a result of DPL’s unique network infrastructure, which routes all transactions to their geo-redundant data centers before passing the data onto payment processors.

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2018 - TLS Advocacy

DPL discovered a widespread TLS misconfiguration affecting retail ATMs. In response, DPL launched an independent campaign to create awareness and educate ATM operators on how to properly configure TLS and implement other best practices to protect ATMs against cyber attacks. As part of the initiative, DPL worked closely with industry stakeholders including ATM manufacturers and payment processors to close security and security information gaps to improve cyber security.

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2020 - GPS Tracking

DPL introduced the Hercules Shield, one of the first cellular modems to include physical and logical security features with built-in GPS tracking. The Hercules Shield also features industry-first NTrap® Ethernet ports, which can detect Ethernet tampering even if power to the ATM is cut. It also detects MAC and IP address changes; early signs of cyber attacks. 

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2021 - Advanced Remote Management

DPL introduced Hercules RMS, which offers ATM operators unparalleled remote management capability regardless of ATM manufacturer or payment processor. Hercules RMS eliminates the expense and complexity associated with traditional RMS setups and enables operators to perform remote actions like soft ATM reboots, configure payment processors; adjust bill counts, welcome, and marketing messages. DPL is the first and only managed wireless provider to offer this level of remote management capability to ATM operators.

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2022 - Artificial Intelligence

DPL raised the bar yet again by introducing Hercules AI, which minimizes ATM downtime by automatically fixing over 1,800 common PIN pad, bill dispenser, card reader and software related issues. ATM operators taking advantage of Hercules AI project it will save them tens-of-thousands of dollars every year in costs related to downtime, travel, and technician fees - not to mention improve their relationships with location owners leading to increased business opportunities.

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