DPL Siren

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Deter Tampering and Stop Thefts with DPL’s Siren

DPL’s Siren features an extremely loud audible alarm designed to deter tampering and stop thefts of ATMs and IoT devices. Working in conjunction with DPL’s Hercules Shield, the Siren sounds its alarm the second tampering is detected and can be manually armed, disarmed, and snoozed from the Hercules Portal and via SMS text. The Siren features a built-in magnetic mount and is sure to send criminals running thanks to the unwanted attention it attracts.


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Hercules Shield

Wireless + Security & GPS Tracking

Detect attacks in real-time with DPL’s Hercules Shield, a 4G LTE, dual carrier (2 SIMs), dual Ethernet, cellular router with built-in intrusion detection and GPS tracking.


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Hercules Shield


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Hercules Portal

Do More With Less From the Hercules Portal 

Remotely manage and monitor IoT devices from anywhere with DPL’s Hercules Portal. 


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