Hercules Open Platform for ATMs

Manage All Your ATM's in One Place

Coming soon - DPL's Hercules Open Platform allows you to remotely manage any internet connected ATM in the Hercules Portal. This includes ATMs connected via local area networks (LAN) or via a competitor's wireless modem. Generate Reg-E/Trace Request reports to remotely resolve transaction disputes, access and export electronic journals, view cash levels and forecasts, configure payment processors, remotely reboot ATMs, see activity logs, view ATM service statuses and errors, and more! ATMs connected to the Hercules Open Platform benefit from DPL's 24/7/365 support and network monitoring services, Smart Routing, and store and forward architecture to decrease failed transactions and increase ATM usage.

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Hercules Portal

DPL’s mobile friendly Hercules Portal is loaded with standard features, making it easier than even to remotely manage and monitor ATMs from anywhere.

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