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Your New Virtual Technician

Hercules AI is that extra employee you always wished you had, solving issues on its own without hassling you for every little problem. DPL’s Hercules modems and customer portal feature built-in artificial intelligence, designed to minimize downtime and optimize cash management to improve operational efficiency. Hercules AI is continuously learning and improving to better assist you in managing your ATM fleet.

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Auto Healing

Minimizes ATM downtime by automatically fixing many common PIN pad, bill dispenser, card reader and software related issues.

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“Hercules AI is like finding a star employee then cloning them dozens of times over. We project Hercules AI will save us tens-of-thousands of dollars every year.”

Daniel Bean, A&E Vending

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Web Icons-01Smart Alerts

Sends real-time “Out of Service”, “Low Cash” and “Out of Cash” alerts. Reduces noise by grouping similar alerts and suppressing intermittent issues.

Web Icons-02Responsive Texting

Respond to SMS text alerts to reboot ATMs, disarm security features, and acknowledge incidents.

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Alert Schedules

Configure alerts by route, time of day, or teams.

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