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New York ATM Doubles Down on DPL for 3G Upgrades

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In evaluating 3G upgrade options, Jon Weilbaker, owner of New York ATM, has chosen to ditch the competition altogether in favor of DPL’s Hercules portfolio management platform. Despite not being the “cheapest” option, the decision to choose DPL was made based on the significant value the Hercules Platform offers in terms of increased uptime, fewer missed transactions, and overall operational efficiency. 


“We’ve been at this a long time and have tried just about every wireless provider out there, none of them can hold a candle to DPL. They’re the gold standard when it comes to wireless ATMs”, said Weilbaker. “The price difference compared to the ‘Cheap Guys’ is nothing when you look at all the extra value you gain. When you get to a certain size, it simply isn’t worth the headaches that come with an inferior solution just to try and save a few bucks a month”, added Weilbaker.


“Having one of the biggest players in the ATM industry trust DPL with their 3G upgrades is the greatest compliment we could ask for”, said John Gorham, chief revenue officer for DPL. “We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and to add value for our customers”, Gorham added.


In 2021, DPL launched Hercules RMS, adding advanced remote management features inside of their customer portal. “Receiving cash level alerts and being able to perform remote reboots to get ATMs back in service has been a game changer”, said Weilbaker.  


If you’re in the process of evaluating 3G upgrade options and would like to see how much value DPL’s Hercules Platform can add to your ATM business, visit www.dplwireless.com/en/calculate-value-added to find out.



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