RMS in the Hercules Portal

Remotely manage all your ATMs from the Hercules Portal regardless of manufacturer. Eliminate the need to travel to ATM locations or incur tech costs to perform routine tasks. Free with Hercules modems, cloud based, and fully managed, DPL’s RMS solution can be setup in minutes and includes 24/7 support.

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RMS Features

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ATM Journal Viewer

Easily create reports from ATM journals, and submit them to your ISO or processor to resolve disputes.

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Cash Management

View cash levels and forecasting to improve cashflow management, set and adjust bill counts, modify surcharge levels, set fast cash and max. withdrawal amounts.

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ATM Errors & Service Status

Improve troubleshooting by seeing live ATM service status and errors.

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RMS Reboots

Perform "safe" and "soft" RMS reboots. Add DPL's Restart accessory and enable the ability to perform "hard" reboots even if the ATM's operating system is frozen.



Edit ATM receipt info and welcome screen messages remotely, and view ATM parameters.

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Update marketing assets, perform ATM firmware and software updates, configure additional ATM parameters, and more!

Hercules Portal

In addition to RMS features and functionality, the Hercules Portal is loaded with standard features including the ability to view real-time RSSI signal strength levels, configure payment processors, review transaction logs and more!

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Your New Virtual Assistant

Hercules AI minimizes downtime by auto healing common ATM errors and optimizing cash management to improve overall efficiency.

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Hercules Open Platform

Coming soon - DPL’s Hercules Open Platform will allow you to remotely manage any internet connected ATM from the Hercules Portal. ATM’s connected to the Hercules Open Platform will also benefit from DPL’s 24/7/365 technical support and network monitoring, and DPL’s store and forward and smart routing technology, which helps decrease failed transactions.

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Hercules Modems