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What does the 2G Sunset Mean for Wireless ATM Owners?

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In April of 2016 AT&T announced plans for a nation wide shutdown of its 2G networks by December 31, 2016 so it could support its HSPA 3G and LTE-based services. With Verizon also announcing plans to shut down their 2G networks by December 31, 2019 the 2G shutdown is also being referred to as the “2G Sunset”.


Will Any 2G Networks be Shut Down Before December 31, 2016?

AT&T has stated that in some regions 2G network shut downs may occur prior to the scheduled nationwide turndown but that they will do their best to communicate with affected customers in advance.

However, some of our customers have reported being caught off guard by 2G network shutdowns in parts of Arizona, Florida, and New Jersey, resulting in lost revenue due to unplanned downtime.


How to Tell Whether You Need to Upgrade Your Wireless ATM Modem

The easiest way to determine whether or not you have any 2G wireless ATM modems that need to be upgraded is to contact your supplier. They should be able to supply you with a list of active and inactive devices requiring an upgrade.

DPL customers with 2G devices in the following serial number ranges have been identified as requiring an upgrade:

  • 4xxxx
  • 5xxxx
  • 11xxxx

When Should You Upgrade?

ATM business owners who have active 2G wireless ATM modems should upgrade their devices immediately. Being proactive will help to avoid any potential delays that could occur due to increased demand for new devices as the scheduled 2G turndown approaches.