Hercules Portal

Manage Your ATMs From Anywhere

The Hercules portal is loaded with standard features including RMS functionality, making it easier than ever to remotely manage your ATMs. We’re constantly adding new features and functionality to the Hercules Portal in our ongoing efforts to add as much value as possible for our customers.

Hercules RMS

Setup in minutes, cloud based and fully supported, you can now manage all your RMS enabled ATMs from the Hercules Portal, regardless of manufacturer.

RMS Features and Functionality:

  • Reg-E / trace request reports for remote transaction dispute resolution
  • Electronic journal access and exporting
  • ATM service status and error reporting
  • ATM parameter reporting
  • RMS remote reboot options

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Hercules Portal Features and  Functionality 

  • Activate Hercules modems
  • View real-time RSSI signal strength levels
  • Configure payment processors
  • View Terminal IDs (even with TLS enabled)
  • Review transaction logs
  • View ATM errors
  • Configure email and text alerts
  • Cash level reporting and forecasting
  • View Fleet and Terminal health dashboards
  • View cellular carrier and transaction processor status
  • Input Google Maps based location
  • View ATMs on the Fleet map
  • Invite users, configure alerts, and control access
  • Download configuration guides and quick install manuals
  • Chat with or email support to open support tickets
  • Access “how to” articles
  • And more!

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Your New Virtual Assistant

Hercules AI minimizes downtime by auto healing common ATM errors and optimizing cash management to improve overall efficiency.

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Remotely reboot ATMs from the Hercules Portal with DPL’s Restart accessory. Unlike traditional RMS reboots, the Restart allows you to remotely reboot ATMs even if the operating system is frozen. 

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Track your ATM’s GPS position in real-time from the security tab of the Hercules Portal, available with DPL’s Hercules Shield modem or Protector GPS accessory. Share the forensic view with local law enforcement to help catch crooks and recover stolen ATMs. View alarms for tilting and vibration, power interruptions, and door open events and configure text and email alerts.

Wireless and Beyond

How much value can the Hercules platform add to your business?

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Hercules Open Platform

Coming soon, you’ll be able to remotely manage non DPL connected ATMs in the portal with DPL’s Hercules Open Platform®. ATMs on the Hercules Open Platform get unlimited access to DPL’s 24/7/365 technical support and around-the-clock network monitoring, and benefit from DPL’s store and forward, and smart routing technology, which help significantly decrease failed transactions.

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