About Us

No Rules.
Just Results.

DPL is driven by a clear narrative: "No Rules. Just Results." Putting that into practice means that we don't settle for doing things the way everybody else does.

We're not about the cookie-cutter, assembly line, one-size-fits-all mentality. We're on a constant crusade of discovery for better and simpler ways of doing things. "Safe" is our enemy.


Our "Why?"

DPL connects you with your world and its data. We simplify all aspects of managing connected things. At DPL, you are the center of our world.


The Legend
of Hercules

DPL's story officially begins in 1974. The early days set the stage for a successful venture in telco product development, many of which are still in production. In the late 1990s, fueled by the emerging digital cellular networks, DPL began early prototyping of M2M products (now known as IoT). Hercules was born in 2004 out of our R&D department, ready to take the ATM industry by storm. Hercules quickly became DPL's flagship product due to ease of installation, obvious ROI and unique feature set. It is now responsible for handling over 100 million financial transactions each year through our PCI DSS certified platform.