Telephone Test and Interface Equipment


Rugged construction. Time Tested.

Designed specifically for installing, testing and monitoring Nortel’s DMS-100 EBS Centrex switches and analog lines, our telephone test and interface equipment marked DPL’s entry into the telecom industry.* Born from our research and development department, its rugged construction and wide industry adoption, became the benchmark for future product development and laid the foundation for DPL’s rapid growth.

With 30+ years in the telecom industry, our telephone test and interface equipment continues to meet the needs of telecommunications companies, service providers, and RBOCs across the globe.  

*Limited inventory remaining. All products manufacturer discontinued (MD). Effective discontinuation dates as follows: CPI-101 - 09/2013; SBI-145 - 09/2014; TTS-100 - 09/2008

SBI-145 Telephone Butt Set

No longer in production or available for purchase, the SBI-145 was a state of the art craftsperson's test set. Relied upon by network providers in the field, the SBI-145 facilitated installation, diagnosis and testing of POTS, and MDC telephone lines.

Light and self-contained, the SBI-145 had three modes for dialling; 1. Pulse Dial (PD); 2. Touch Tone (DTMF); 3. Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC® or EBS) - used on DMS-10®, DMS-100® (MDC) central office switches as well as on all M5000 series lines. 

Over its 40+ year lifespan, the SBI-145 was trusted by the US Military, the Canadian Armed Forces, large telecommunications companies, and countless other networking professionals across North America.


CPI - 101 Computer-to-P-Phone Interface

The CPI-101 interfaces a Northern Telecom DMS-100 Centrex Electronic Business Service (EBS) telephone line to a computer’s UART serial port. It allows complete computer control of an EBS line allowing the computer to:

  • Validate incoming caller ID (CLID)
  • Answer calls
  • Receive touch tone digits (DTMF)
  • Transfer/conference a call
  • Monitor feature key status
  • Simulate the pressing of any P-Phone key

The computer can originate and answer telephone calls using the CPI-101, which is designed to operate on an EBS / MDC P-Phone line with an EBS telephone on the same line. The CPI-101 does not come with software. 



TTS-100 Telephone Test System

The TTS-100 is a telephone test system used in the refurbishing of telephones, or to verify telephone functionality and works on DMS-100® (EBS) telephones as well as all analog telephones.

The TTS-100 come with its own software installation CD and can operate under a MS-DOS® or Windows® DOS Prompt. The software includes an extensive “Help” section and enables the ability to:

  • Customize POTS phone test sequences and menus
  • Operate in automatic or semi-automatic test modes
  • Report on number of phones tested each day by type